Marmott Baby Box : a safe and eco-friendly bassinet made in France with essential for a new born

Inspired from the finnish tradition, the first french babybox marmott is a 3-in-1 baby bed NF certified made from durable cardboard that can be used as a cot and used  afterwards as storage or toy box.

The Marmott Baby Box is approved for 90 years in Finland and recommended by health professionals. The babybox offers a safe sleep to your new baby.

baby babybox

The Marmott bed Baby Box includes a made to measure mattress manufactured by Candide and fitted 100 % sheets.

You can choose also maternity packages with the essential birth products! All of this comes with a free Marmott  tote bag!

The Unique babybox with french samples 

The Essential babybox with 12 essential french baby products

The Bio babybox with 12 essential french organic baby products 

And more on marmott shop

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You can find an original design, painted with green water color safe paint and all outside surfaces are easy to clean.

How to use the baby box?  

You can use the babybox from birth until six months old. 

This eco-friendly french baby bed can be placed on the floor as a bassinet or as a baby bed reducer. Very light, you can easily move it around the house, especially if you get stitches and use it for co-sleeping.

Maximal weight : 9kg/ 19.8lb

The lid must be located under the babybox MARMOTT’ when your baby is inside, the lid serves as a part of the babybox when used as a baby bed. 

The baby box marmott can be repurposed when baby has outgrown it. You can use it as a toy box or for storage

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